What size is a eze™ hybrid single mattress?

Our single mattresses are a standard UK single size, measuring W90cm x L190cm; The height of our single mattresses varies according to the model. For example, our eze™ Hybrid Max mattress measures at 36cm, our deepest mattress; our eze™ Hybrid Ultra mattress comes in at 32cm, our eze™ Hybrid Deluxe mattress comes in at 28cm, and our eze™ Hybrid Original mattress is 26cm. Please check these details before buying. If you have enough space you might want to consider a Small Double Mattress, or a Double Mattress, especially if you have growing children. 

Head over to All eze™ Hybrid Mattresses for more details about all of our range.

What to consider when choosing a single mattress
All of our single mattresses arrive in an easy to move box on wheels, so they’re easy to for you to manoeuvre up the stairs to your room of choice. Do check that a single mattress is the best size option for your bedroom, before you purchase.

Also, consider who your new single mattress is for, and how often it’s going to be used. Bear in mind, it’ll get heavy use from kids and teenagers, who’ll need good support and space as they grow. Single mattresses are also a great option for guest rooms, either on their own or in a pair.



How firm are eze Hybrid Mattresses?

Our mattresses are designed to offer responsive support to your body, rather than being firm or soft. 

So what does that feel like? It’s about the correct balance between a top layer that reacts to your body shape and weight, on top of a layer that gently stops that response. For optimum support to be achieved you need both these layers and their functions: without the responsive comfort layer it would be like sleeping on a wooden plank, without the firmer support layer it would be like sleeping on a bouncy trampoline.

Why are eze Hybrid single mattress unique?


Our award-winning mattress technology underpins all our single hybrid mattresses. Whether you sleep on your front, side or back, the unique combination of our ezeCORE™ and MEMOReze™ memory foam is designed to offer tailored support and superior comfort for your body. That goes for both our wallet-friendly Comfort range, and our luxurious Deluxe range.

My child gets hot at night. What’s the best single mattress for kids and teenagers that overheat?


We have a wide range of single mattresses at different price points, but they’re all packed with eze technology and are engineered to help you sleep longer and deeper. But for overheating kids and young people whose shape is constantly changing, we particularly recommend our eze™ Hybrid Deluxe and eze™ Hybrid Original mattresses from our temperature regulating range. They’re designed to help regulate your body temperature throughout the night so your're never too hot or too cold and offer optimum support.

How to care for and maintain your single bed mattress


There’s no need to turn your mattress over as they are designed for sleeping on one side only, but we do recommend you rotate your mattress every 6 weeks head to foot once a month for the first three months, then once every three months for the rest of its life. This is to keep all the natural mattress fillings more comfortable for longer.  

We also recommend you get one of our machine washable, quilted cotton Mattress Protectors to help keep your new single mattress fresh and clean.

    How long will my single mattress last?


    We’re confident all our eze mattresses will go the distance, which is why we offer a 10-year guarantee on all new mattresses. Manufacturing faults are rare, but if you stumble across any, just let us know and we’ll replace it with a brand new one.

      Are eze single mattresses recyclable?

      Yes! We don’t want any of our mattresses to end up in landfill, so all our eze single mattresses are suitable for recycling via your local council. We currently do not offer mattress disposal on your old single mattress, our collection service starts at small double only.

      Find out more about our Mattress Recycling Service.

        Is there a delivery charge for eze single mattresses?

        No, standard delivery takes place within 48 hours to most UK postcodes and is free of charge, even in single mattress sale periods. We currently do not offer mattress disposal of single mattresses. 

        Do eze also offer mattresses in larger sizes?

          If you’re looking for something really spacious and luxurious, have a look at our range of King and Super King Mattresses; they’re the largest mattresses in our range so it’s ideal if you have pets who love to cuddle at night or children that get into bed with you.