Keeping Cool at Night

It can be difficult to sleep at night during the summer heat. We look at ways to keep you cool and comfortable!

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It’s safe to say that as a nation we are all in a much better mood now the warmer weather has arrived! The British summer brings with it lots of BBQs, days to the coast and family fun. However, the downside to the warmer weather for many people is struggling to sleep in the heat.

To stop you tossing and turning in your sheets, here are some handy tips for those warm, balmy summer nights. Hopefully, these ideas help to keep you cool and comfortable.


Temperature Check

Temperature Check

The optimum bedroom temperature for sleep is somewhere between 15.6-19.4°C. This may vary between us all slightly, however, you should ensure it’s always around this temperature as you head off to bed. If you haven’t already got a thermostat in your bedroom, then now’s the time to invest in one.

If your room temperature is higher than this during the summer months, then try opening a window, or using a fan to cool the air.

When your bedroom is warmer, it can cause discomfort and restlessness as your body becomes sweaty and dehydrated. A body temperature that is too high will not only affect the onset of sleep, but also the quality of sleep spent in the different sleep stages.


Prepare Your Environment

Prepare Your Environment

Preparing your bedroom during the day will help to keep it cool during the night. Ideally close any curtains or blinds as you leave your bedroom in the morning. This will stop the sunlight entering in and also make sure the lights are all switched off as they add to the heat too. 

If it’s safe to do so, you could also leave the window or Velux open slightly to let some cool air flow through during the day. This way it will be nice and airy on your return later in the evening.  


Natural Fibres

Natural Fibres

When it comes to your pyjamas and bed linen, it’s best to opt for 100% natural fibres rather than man-made fabrics. Opting for 100% cotton bed sheets, duvet covers, and pillow cases helps to disperse your body heat, so you can avoid that clammy feeling.

Some people prefer silk during the warmer weather. Silk tends to adjust well to your body temperature to keep cool and absorbs moisture too.


Choose A Breathable Mattress

Choose a Breathable Mattress

Choosing a mattress that keeps your body cool and regulated can make a huge difference during a hot night.

Our Cooleze™ mattress contains 600 individual pocket springs topped with a luxury layer of Cooleze™ gel infused foam. Not only does this give you premium comfort, but it also helps to keep the mattress cool all through the night. 


Stay Hydrated

Drink Plenty of Water

We dehydrate quicker when we are hot, so make sure you up your water intake during the day as the nights heat up. Aim to drink 6–8 glasses of water each day. Remember it’s cheap and calorie free, so top us as often as you can!

Also, drink a glass of cool water before you go to bed to keep those levels topped up through the night.


Switch Your Bedtime Bath for a Cool Shower

Cool Shower

Baths are lovely and relaxing, however, if you want to get into bed feeling cool and fresh, then a cool shower is a much better option.  

A nice cool shower before bed will help to reduce your body temperature and also remove any excess moisture that has built up on your body throughout the day. Run the cool water over your pulse points – neck, temples and wrists – as this will help too.

A falling body temperature is one of the signals your brain uses to produce more melatonin (which makes you feel sleepy), therefore, it’s one of the most effective ways of dozing off naturally.

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