Do I Need a New Mattress?

Some things in your life can be used right up until they are on their last legs. However, when it comes to your mattress, an old and unsupportive one could...

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Some things in your life can be used right up until they are on their last legs. Your hairdryer, your favourite wool sweater and maybe even your dining room table. However, when it comes to your mattress, an old and unsupportive one could be harmful for your back as well as your sleep quality.

The range and standard of mattresses available today are much wider and higher than they have ever been, and it pays to invest wisely. You can choose from memory foam mattresses, roll out mattresses, orthopaedic mattresses and mattresses that are tailored towards your sleeping position.

Sometimes, it will be obvious that you need a new mattress, from tell-tale signs and the mattresses age. However, if you’ve inherited your mattress from another owner, or aren’t’ quite sure how old your mattress is, then here we have listed a few questions to ask yourself.


Is your mattress sagging?

Is Your Mattress Sagging?

Nobody wants a saggy mattress. Fact.

Sagging occurs when the coils in your mattress start to weaken, or if you have a memory foam mattress, when the foam starts to lose its shape. Sagging is usually visible in the centre of your mattress or the places where you sleep on regularly. Perhaps there might even be a visible body impression left in the mattress even when you are not there. This type of indentation is usually common for heavier bodies, whose bodyweight creates a larger impact on their mattress.

If you get up from your mattress and it doesn’t return to its usual, flat appearance straight away, then a new mattress should be on the cards for you.


Does your mattress creak when you move?

Does Your Mattress Creak When You Move?

As your mattress ages, you might start to hear it literally talking to you! That is, squeaking and creaking as you move around at night. It might even become so noisy that it wakes you up from your sleep and makes it hard to drift back off.

These creaking sounds are likely to be the coils in your mattress which have started to age and aren’t as supportive and flexible as they used to be. It’s best to check first that the noises are not coming from your bed frame by taking off the mattress and checking the frame structure. If not, and your mattress is still creaking, even when not on the frame, then it’s a sign that it’s reaching its limit.


Are you noticing any strange smells in your bedroom?

Are You Noticing Any Strange Smells In Your Bedroom?

It might sound a bit nasty, but over time, your mattress will accumulate mildew, mould, and fungi. These yucky, uninvited guests eventually build up inside and, on the surface, eventually starting to emit some unpleasant smells that are difficult to ignore.

There is no point trying to hide these smells with air freshener or perfume either. If left untreated, the problems might worsen any issues you have with allergies; for example, you might find yourself waking in the morning with watery eyes, a runny nose and a headache.


Are you getting more frequent aches & pains when you sleep?

Are You Getting More Aches & Pains When You Sleep?

Physical discomfort can be another significant sign that your mattress is ready to be replaced. Tossing and turning in the night could mean that your mattress has lost its comfort and support through wear and tear.

In more dramatic cases, you may even wake up in the morning with serious pain and aching. You could experience pain in your neck, shoulders or hips because your unsuitable mattress is not helping to relieve pressure on those areas. You might even be suffering from lower back pain, because your spine is not being supported properly either. Morning aches and pains are not something to just get used to. They can lead to further health implications in the future as a result.

If you have answered yes to any of the above questions, then it’s worth seriously considering a new mattress. You might want to check out our handy FAQ section for more info on our eze™ mattresses and how they could benefit your sleep and health.

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