Sleeping with Natural Fibres

We explore the comfort and ethical benefits of natural fabrics.

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Why Are Natural Fabrics Better to Sleep With?

Creating the perfect sleep environment is important for a good night’s sleep. Many factors contribute to this, but your bedding and the items you directly sleep with play a huge part. 

From your mattress to your sheets, from pillow to duvet, it’s essential to find the right ones for you. And since you spend almost a third of your life in bed, it’s definitely worth investing in the best quality bedding that you can.

For both lifestyle and ethical reasons, more and more people are now choosing natural bed linen and organic bedding to sleep with. But what really are the benefits of natural bedding?


Body Temperature Regulation

Body Temperature Regulation

Synthetic materials like polyester and nylon might be a cheaper alternative, but because they are man-made fabrics, they are not breathable. This means a night under the cover with them could leave you too hot and sticky or too cold and shivering!

Natural materials, such as cotton, wool, linen and silk are brilliant body temperature regulators. These fabrics can help keep you cool in the summer months and warm in the winter ones. The natural organic fibres create the ideal thermal environment that keeps your body in a healthy state of deep sleep throughout the night. Therefore, you are more likely to wake up refreshed and ready to start the day!


Durable & Long Lasting

Durable and Long Lasting

Biologically, natural cotton and fabrics are very strong. Therefore, they are sure to remain in better condition for a longer period than other alternatives. Although natural fabrics are often slightly more expensive to purchase initially, you will need to replace them less frequently, meaning better value for money over time.

100% natural fabrics always wash well too (as long as you follow the wash-care instructions properly). This means they will look and feel great for longer than their man-made counterparts. 


A Comfy Experience

A Comfy Experience

Natural materials in cushions, pillows and duvets, like wool and down, tend to be soft and lightweight, as well as more likely to remain plump for a supportive sleep experience. This is likely to mean much less tossing and turning as a result of being uncomfortable.

Natural mattresses made from natural fabrics allow air to circulate more freely as you sleep on them. This means they’re likely to feel comfier and cooler at night, as well as less likely to store as much bacteria, proving much more hygienic.


Better For the Environment

Better for the Environment

We should all be conscious about the carbon footprints we leave behind us during our everyday lives. Therefore, thinking about the products and fabrics we buy and use can make a big difference. 

Because natural fabrics come from nature, they are biodegradable. This means they are easily recyclable and won’t leave harmful substances behind once you’ve finished with them.

Natural fabrics can be recycled and used to make other products such as carpets, rugs, seat belts and even renewable energy – a much better choice than ending up in a landfill!

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