Which Mattress Is Best For Me?

If your mattress has reached the end of its life cycle, then it’s time to begin looking for a new one. But where to start? Our handy mattress buying guide...

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If your mattress has reached the end of its life cycle, then it’s time to begin looking for a new one. But where to start?

With so many types and brands in the marketplace, it helps to know what you’re looking for and what will best suit your sleeping arrangements. From open spring to memory foam, to hybrid mattresses, there are options for everyone.

In this article, we aim to give you a bit of a head start, so that you are in a good position to start looking for your new mattress.

Open Spring Mattress

Open Spring Mattress

Open spring mattresses (or sometimes known as open coil mattresses) are made up of one long piece of metal wire, that is coiled up into lots of springs.

This type of mattress tends to be at the cheaper end of the market and is great value for money, although, not suitable for those people who need a lot of extra support from their bed. They would be a great addition for a guest bedroom that isn’t used every night, and also many people opt for an open spring mattress for their children’s bedroom.

Pocket Spring Mattress

Pocket Spring Mattress

Pocket spring mattresses are a more luxurious choice. These mattresses are made from small, separate springs, which are housed in their own pocket of fabric. This means that each spring is able to move independently of the others – which will give you more support where you need it the most.

Pocket spring mattresses are available in soft, medium and firm versions, to suit your preference. They are also more breathable than memory foam alternatives, so are great for those people who tend to get warm during the night.

If you’re looking for a bed for two people to share, then a pocket spring is a good choice as the separate springs adjust for your different needs and weights.

Memory Foam Mattress

Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam mattresses are a fairly modern choice and very popular for many households. These styles are made from a mouldable foam material, which contours around your body and responds to your temperature and weight. This will help to ease pressure on your joints where you need it and also keep you at a consistent temperature throughout the night.

When you lay on a memory foam mattress, you will notice a sinking feeling as you mould into the mattress. Not everyone is a fan of this feeling, however, for others it’s ideal to support their back and help retain their posture as they sleep.

Memory foam also has hypo-allergenic properties so is an ideal choice for those with allergies. Again, memory foam mattresses are usually available as firm, medium or soft versions.

Latex Foam Mattress

Latex Foam Mattress

These mattresses are made with a latex foam, which is extremely durable and should last for many years. Latex mattresses are usually firmer and heavier than memory foam alternatives, and therefore are better suited for those who prefer a sturdier feel as they sleep.

Latex is a breathable material; therefore, it should help to regulate your body temperate, and it’s another good option for those with allergies or asthma. A consequence of latex mattresses being heavy means that they can be difficult to turn, so you might need a helping hand when it comes to that.

Roll up Mattresses

Bed in a Box

A roll up mattress or bed-in-a-box is a convenient and hassle-free way to buy a mattress. These revolutionary mattress types have only been around for a few years and have really changed the way people shop for mattresses and is what all of our eze™ mattresses are.

The name refers to the method in which the beds are packaged and delivered. They are ordered online and arrive compressed and rolled into a box, which is then opened and un-rolled directly onto your bed. These mattresses sometimes take a few hours to even out, before being ready to use. These roll up mattresses eliminate the painful task of maneuvering a heavy and bulky mattress up the stairs and are great for people who live in apartments or town houses with many floors.

Most roll up mattresses in a box are made from foam and come in various firmness variations. You can also choose styles that are pillow topped for extra softness and comfort.

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