10 Year Guarantee

We understand this information can be a bit of a snooze fest, but we'd like you to get the best out of your new mattress and for your relationship to be a long lasting one.

NOTE: It is very important your EZE mattress is turned 180 degrees on it's base, regularly, thereby minimising the settlement of the cushioning layers. We recommend doing this once a month for the first three months, then every 3 months thereafter. We do not recommend flipping your mattress around as the top surface sleep layers of our mattresses are made for your comfort and support. 

Please retain a copy of your order confirmation/receipt as proof of purchase as you’ll need these to make a claim. We require clear, photographic evidence in order for you to start a claim. Please email us and send your photos to info@ezemattress.com. You can also call us on 03303112133 to talk to us.

What does the 10 year warranty cover

The warranty covers the following faults:

  • Transit damage reported at the time of delivery
  • Spring System failure
  • Border stitching falling apart
  • Indentation depth of more than 2.5cm ( depending on if the mattress has been laid on an unsuitable base or bed frame)

Please note that Shallow “settlement” is a natural occurrence with any mattress and shouldn’t be considered as a fault.

    What the 10 year warranty does not cover

    The warranty doesn’t cover the following :

    • Normal wear and tear that occurs under standard domestic use and handling
    • Faults/defects caused by accidental, deliberate abuse or damage.
    • Products which have not been maintained in accordance with washing and/or care instructions supplied
    • Products that have been assembled or stored incorrectly (e.g. damp or in direct sunlight).
    • Using your mattress without bed linen – including mattress protector. 
    • Using a mattress on an old or unsuitable base, or a base for which it was not designed
    • Rolling or bending the mattress
    • Stains, mould or smells (included by pets)
    • Dye transfer from non-colourfast plastics, fabrics and clothing. damage or delamination through contact with hair and body products, or other cosmetic applications such as tanning lotions.
    • The warranty is not transferable and only relates to the original purchaser and delivery address
    • Comfort preference

    If you have a successful warranty claim, we will either repair or replace it with the same or comparable mattress at our cost. With our 10 year warranty, this does not include the right to a refund. The warranty only covers replacements of successful warranty claims. Should we repair or replace your product under our Warranty, then the repaired or replaced product will not have a new Warranty in itself, but will instead enjoy the benefit of the remaining term of any original Warranty.

    The warranty commences from the date of delivery of the mattress and ends 10 years from that date. Please register your warranty with us here.