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Hard days deserve easy nights

We had a simple goal; to help people recover better through sleep. So from our headquarters in Yorkshire, we went on a journey that led to our unique eze mattresses designed to help you sleep better and recover for tomorrow.  

Caught Napping

In the UK we are facing an unprecedented sleep epidemic. Our average sleep time has plummeted by a quarter in just 20 years, yet we're working longer and pushing ourselves harder. We're sleep deprived and our bodies can't recover enough to perform to our full potential. We want to change this.

Caught Napping
Masters of mattresses

Masters of Mattresses

Before eze we spent a lot of time with mattresses, selling a bunch nationwide for over a decade. When it comes to mattresses we’re experts, so we started a new brand to pursue our dream. We used all of that knowledge to inform our thinking and strategy to develop the best mattresses on the planet. 

Informed by Data

We analysed sleep data from millions of sleepers and learned how sleep positions impact the quality of sleep. Most people sleep on unsuitable mattresses, leading to a less restful sleep. So we asked ourselves what we could do.

Informed by data
The magic number

The Human Body

We studied how our bodies distribute weight during sleep, which is important for spine and hip alignment. We designed our mattresses from the ground up to be comfortable for all sleeping positions.


So we set about working with experts in industry to help us create an affordable cutting-edge mattresses Utilising foam and springs in revolutionary ways.

Revolutionary mattress
Breathable Sleep Surface

Sleep Surface

All of our mattresses are fully hypogenic with a breathable soft knit stretch fabric sleep surface and anti-slip base for ultimate comfort, making sure nothing gets in the way of a good night’s sleep.


We experimented with every type of foam on the market but what already existed didn’t meet our high expectations. We created a high density foam which provides a strong core for our mattresses and is tested to ensure individualised pressure relief for each sleep position and all body types. Core-blimey!

Spring Heaven

Spring Heaven

Working with one of the world’s largest spring manufacturers we engineered the perfect pocket spring. It will roll flat and last well over our 10 year eze guarantee. We feel it’s the closest you’ll get to sleeping on a bed of clouds.


We have even included the same NASA developed pressure relieving memory foam layer. It gives a little extra pressure relief to give you that zero-g feeling as you float off to sleep.

Comfort Layer

Breezy Comfort Layer

We developed our very own synthetic material that offers more breathability than anything we’ve tested. It’s a luxurious heat-dispelling layer providing you with cooling comfort. It’s the icing on our cake.

Test, Improve, Repeat

We refined and tested our mattresses with every body type and sleep style ensuring our high quality materials were layered in just the right combinations and all the right places to provide optimal support for your sleep style.

eze mattress cat

Our Mattresses

EZE 600 Pocket Cooleze Mattress

from £349

The EZE 600 Pocket CoolEZE (Soft-Medium) Mattress provides the ultimate sleeping surface whilst delivering optimum support for the whole body.

Eze Side Sleeper Mattress

EZE 1000 Pocket Cooleze Mattress

from £449

The EZE 1000 Pocket CoolEZE (Medium) Mattress contours to your sleeping position thanks to the gel infused foam surface, helping support the natural alignment of the neck, spine and pelvis.


Eze Front Sleeper Mattress

EZE 2000 Pocket Box Top Memory (Medium)

from £549

Designed to provide extra support with a deep comfort layer that lessens the strain on shoulders and hips.

Eze Fetal Sleeper Mattress

EZE 2000 Pocket Memory (Medium)

from £499

Designed to adjust to your body’s sleeping position, helping support the natural alignment of the neck, spine and pelvis.


Eze Back Sleeper Mattress

EZE 800 Pocket Pillow Top Memory (Soft)

from £449

Our softest mattress and eliminates pressure points while still delivering the support your body requires.

Eze Side Sleeper Mattress

EZE 800 Pocket Memory (Firm)

from £349

Delivers optimum tension to relieve pressure on the neck and spine for a comfortable night's sleep.


Eze Front Sleeper Mattress