Open Spring Mattress v Pocket Spring Mattress

What's the difference between an open spring mattress and a pocket spring mattress?

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When it comes to choosing a mattress, there are so many options to consider. Firm, soft or medium? Spring, foam or latex? It can all seem a bit daunting.

If you’ve managed to narrow down your search to either an open spring or a pocket spring mattress, you may still need a little help deciding which one is best for you.

Here we look at the two options and discuss the benefits of each.

Open Spring Mattresses

Open Spring Mattress

Open spring mattresses are made from one continuous piece of wire, looped into springs and fastened to a wire frame. Because there is no independent “give” in the springs, this method produces a firm mattress, making it a good choice for people with back problems. However, this lack of flexibility means that co-sleepers will feel each other’s movements and the bed may feel bouncy. Open spring mattresses are factory produced and therefore tend to be cheaper than other kinds of mattresses.


- Great value for money

- Good for back sleepers and those who need a firmer mattress

- Lightweight, so can be easily turned and moved for cleaning


- The springs move together, so you are more likely to be disturbed by your partner’s movements

- Coils can wear out quicker than pocket springs and can start to squeak after a long time

- They tend to dip in the middle after prolonged use


Pocket Spring Mattresses

Pocket Spring Mattress

Just like the name suggests, the springs in a pocket spring mattress are sewn into individual fabric pockets, meaning that each spring moves independently from one another. Good quality pocket sprung mattresses will have at least 1,000 individual springs. Because each one can adjust to a sleeper’s body shape, couples are much less likely to feel each other’s movements. This type of mattress is more likely to involve some form of craftsmanship, making them more expensive than open spring mattresses and enabling them to range in firmness from soft to very hard.


- They should last much longer than open spring mattresses

- Good for couples and light sleepers as you won’t be disturbed by one another during the night

- They provide total body support and reduce pressure points, making for a more comfortable night’s sleep


- Can be more expensive than open spring mattresses

- Heavy, making them harder to turn and move for cleaning


Which Mattress Should I Choose?

It all depends on your priorities. If you have a tight budget or you’re kitting out a guest room, then you may decide that an open spring mattress will do just fine. Additionally, if you sleep alone, you won’t need to be concerned about being disturbed by a partner’s movements.

On the other hand, if longevity and comfort are important to you, you may decide that it’s worth spending more on a pocket spring. Couples, especially, will benefit from a pocket spring mattress as you’ll be less bothered by each other’s tossing and turning. As for comfort, pocket springs support your bodyweight evenly, providing you with a more restful night’s sleep.

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