The Rise of the Roll up Mattress

We answer the most common questions about roll-up mattresses and their benefits.

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Roll up mattresses are fast becoming a popular choice for people who are looking for comfort, quality and flexibility. There is a wide range of roll up mattress available to choose from in various sizes and styles, so there is bound to be an option that suits you and your sleep preference.

In this article, we aim to answer the most common questions you might have about roll-up mattresses and their features.

What Are The Benefits of a Roll up Mattress?

If you are used to having a regular mattress and are unsure about the benefits of a roll up mattress, then here are some reasons why they are such a good choice.

They Help to Reduce Carbon Footprint

Roll-Up Mattresses Reduce Carbon Footprint

The roll up functionality of a roll up mattress means that they can be stored, shipped and delivered more efficiently. Fewer journeys and less fuel keeps the carbon footprint of these mattresses very low.

Easy to Move (Even in High-Rise Apartments)

Receiving a new mattress and lugging it up to your bedroom used to be a dreaded task. Even more so if you live in a townhouse or apartment with many stairs. The arrival of the roll up hybrid mattress solved this problem in one swoop. 


Roll-Up Mattresses Are Affordable

The fact that roll up mattresses are easier to store and  deliver means that they often come with a cheaper price tag. This doesn’t mean that quality is not as good as a traditional mattress. They provide the same comfort and support you would get from a regular mattress, if not more. 

How Are The Mattresses Rolled?

How can something so large fit into a box so compact? This is a question we hear very often, and this is how we do it to ensure it arrives safely with you.

  1. The hybrid mattress is placed inside a protective cover
  2. The bag is then vacuum sealed in a compression machine
  3. The hybrid mattress is then rolled up and sealed
  4. The rolled hybrid mattress is then placed in a box on wheels, ready to ship out to you

How Do I Unpack a Roll Up Mattress?

Click, unbox, relax. It really is as simple as that! Your new mattress in a box will be delivered to your door, which will be easy to transport to the room in your house where you need it. Once in the right location on your bed frame, unbox the mattress, put the packaging to one side and unroll the mattress slowly to a flat position.

Once unrolled and flat, you should leave your new mattress to sit and rest for between 2 and 6 hours to let it expand before sleeping. This will also help to reduce that ‘new’ smell and allow any moisture to evaporate into the air.

When your new mattress has had chance to air, you can go ahead and add your bed linen and then get into your bed to enjoy the comfort!

How Do I Take Care of my Roll up Mattress?

Good aftercare of your mattress starts the moment you receive it. If you start with a good maintenance routine, you are more likely to continue it into the future and extend the lifespan of your mattress.

Check out our eze mattress maintenance guide for more information about keeping your new product in tip-top condition.

Why Choose an eze hybrid Roll up Mattress?

Here at eze™, your sleep quality is our main priority. At our Yorkshire headquarters, we’ve assembled the very best materials together to create a mattress design that offers edge to edge support and allows for pressure relief where you need it most.

Through years of research and experimentation, we created ezeCORE, our own high-density memory foam. This provides a strong core for our mattresses, which adjusts to relieve pressure for all body types.

We offer a range of four mattresses, from soft to firm, and with pillow-top options for those who prefer this style. Each mattress is designed to match how you sleep, so whether you are a side, back or front-sleeper, we have you covered.

Plus, we offer a 10-year guarantee on all our mattresses and a zero percent finance option too. Take a look at our range of roll up mattresses now.

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