The Benefits of a Firm Mattress

When it comes to your mattress, do you like it firmer or softer?

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When it comes to your mattress, do you prefer it to be hard or soft? Although it’s down to personal preference, firmer mattresses have a few advantages over softer ones. 

Here we look at the benefits of firm mattresses to help you decide whether it might be time for you to make the switch.

Reduced Aches & Pains

Reduced Aches & Pains

Soft mattresses don’t support your weight as evenly as firm ones, meaning more pressure is put on points like your shoulders, spine and bottom. This can cause stiff necks, sore backs and general discomfort that can last throughout the day.

Firmer mattresses distribute your weight evenly, support your body and allow for natural alignment of your spine.

If you already suffer from back trouble, you might be wondering whether firm mattresses are good for back pain. In short, the answer is yes, but when looking for the best firm mattress for you, your sleeping position can determine what level of firmness you need. Side sleepers, for example, would benefit from a medium-firm mattress, whereas back sleepers might do better with a firmer model.

Keeping You Cool

As you sink into a soft mattress, it doesn’t always allow for airflow around the body, so if you tend to overheat in bed, switching to a firmer mattress (or cooling) will help to regulate your body temperature as you sleep.

Reduced Disturbance

Are you driven to distraction by each other’s tossing and turning at night, or maybe one of you goes to bed later or gets up earlier? Your partner’s movements can be very disturbing on a soft mattress, as it will take you along for the ride!

Firm mattresses tend to have a lower motion transfer than soft ones, allowing you to carry on slumbering peacefully, despite how fidgety your partner may be.

Better Weight Support

Your bodyweight plays a part in how firm your mattress should be. On a soft mattress, the heavier you are then the further down you’ll sink, making it hard for you get feel comfortable. A firmer mattress will provide with you much better support and comfort, meaning a better night’s sleep for you.

Improved Quality of Sleep

Improved Quality of Sleep

Research in the US showed that sleeping on a medium-firm mattress helps promote optimum sleep. That’s thanks to it encouraging good spine alignment and comfort throughout the night.

It Enables Better Sex

Of course, sleeping isn’t the only thing we do in bed – sex can feature too, and a healthy sex life also offers many benefits including reduced stress, improved self-esteem and better sleep. This is another area where a soft mattress might give you that sinking feeling. Medium-to-firm mattresses mean less sinking, making natural movements much easier.

Even firm mattresses can lose their support over time, which is why it’s important to regularly assess your mattress’ health and replace it if necessary. Our mattresses are covered by a 10-year guarantee, giving you complete peace of mind with such an important purchase.

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